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Goodspeedrent Oy and/or its affiliates (”Goodspeedrent”) provides the users with a cost-efficient Internet access on mobile networks in selected countries via its Goodspeed Product(s) as defined in the General Terms and Conditions using the Service. In order to use the services offered by Goodspeedrent (“Service(s)”) the users need to register into the Goodspeed service.

When collecting, storing, using and distributing the personal and other data of the registered users, Goodspeedrent complies with and follows the Finnish Personal Data Act (1999/523) as well as this Privacy Policy, which also serves as a joint file description and information document meant in the Personal Data Act.

Register, Registrar and Purpose of Use

Goodspeedrent keeps a register of the persons and entities registered into the Goodpeedrent service. The register serves the purpose of maintaining the necessary personal and other information of the persons and entities for providing, administering as well as for improving the service.

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Goodspeedrent Oy / Privacy

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Support contact information: e-mail

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Content and Sources of Registered Data

The register has two separate registration mechanism; one for personal users and one for corporate users. The content of the registered data depends on the legal form of, and the data provided by each registered.

The following information is a requisite of the registration: name, address, city, country, e-mail, a password and credit card details.

Data is gathered as the person or entity registers into the Goodspeed service. Each registered person or entity is responsible for the data being up to date and correct.

Protection of Data

The Goodspeed service register is an ADP-based register and only employees of Goodspeedrent Oy and other persons, who need to have an access to the register in order to secure the technical flow of the services offered, have a secure (personal user name and password) access to the register. Each person having access to the register is bound by Goodspeedrent’ confidentiality obligations.

Distribution of Data

Data given by each registered person or entity may only be viewed by Goodspeedrent employees and other persons having access to the register as set forth above. Goodspeedrent may also distribute the data stored in the register to such third parties, who need the information in order for the registered persons or entities to be able to use the Service(s) fully and completely. Each registered person and entity consents to the distribution of data for the purposes of providing the Service(s) to third parties at the registration, including the distribution outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

In addition registered data may be disclosed to authorities or third parties as may be required by applicable law or an order of a regulatory body of competent authority.

Rights of the Registered Persons and Entities

(i.) Right of review

Each person or entity registered into the Service(s) has a right to review the personal data registered into the register. Written review request shall be submitted to Goodspeedrent by mail: Goodspeedrent Oy / Privacy, Kaarnatie 44 b, 90530 Oulu, Finland.

(ii) Right/duty to update the data

Each person or entity registered into the Service(s) is responsible for securing that the data given at the registration or later on is up to date and correct. Each registered person or entity shall promptly change any incorrect data in the register to correspond to the current and true situation by making the correction through their user account in which case the correction is updated immediately.

(iii) Right of prohibition

Each person or entity in the register has the right, at the registration or later on, to prohibit the use of his/its registered personal data for direct advertising, remote sale or other direct marketing as well as for marketing- and attitude surveys. In addition each person or entity may prohibit his/its personal data to be distributed to a third party (same as required by law).

Written notice of prohibition shall be submitted to Goodspeerent to the following address: Goodspeedrent Oy / Privacy, Kaaranatie 44 b, 90530 Oulu, Finland.

If the registered person or entity wishes to use the right of prohibition he/it accepts the fact that the functionality of the Service(s) may be limited partially or completely.

Amendments and Language Versions

This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time by Goodspeedrent. From time to time valid Goodspeedrent Data Privacy Policy is viewed at

In case of discrepancy between language versions of Goodspeedrent Data Privacy Policy, the English version shall prevail.

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