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It is now possible for you to have access to a secure and portable internet connection across country borders.

For years, companies have had to deal with issues relating to poor internet access abroad. The often slow and unsafe Wi-Fi networks provided by hotels and airports regularly affect working during the journey negatively by interfering with a range of activities requiring internet access.

Also, the use of social media has exponentially increased in recent years, a trend which seems to have no end in sight. The so called social media dependence of consumers also directly implies a higher usage of mobile data.

GoodspeedRent Ltd. rents out the Goodspeed 4G personal Wi-Fi device developed by UROS Ltd. in Finland. We offer unrestricted connectivity to internet when travelling abroad. The customer is offered a fixed daily fee with no bill shock.

GoodspeedRent places a high importance on providing a secure connection for all users. The Goodspeed 4G device is of the highest standard both security-wise and technologically.

GoodspeedRent offers seamless connectivity abroad, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. Simply book a device through our booking portal and then pick up the device from our DNA Store branch:

  • Espoo, Sello
  • Helsinki, Kaivokatu
  • Helsinki, Itis
  • Jyväskylä, Kauppakatu
  • Kuopio, Aapeli
  • Oulu, Torikatu
  • Pori Itäpuisto
  • Tampere Koskikeskus
  • Turku Hansa
  • Vantaa, Jumbo

This must be booked 3 days before pick up.

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